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Jun 27 / Jessica Accamando

Two Glasses of Wine and a Bucket of Ideas

HOW Design Live Newbies 2011

You should know that I never, ever drink and work. It’s a no-no. Although I could make an argument that a great glass of wine improves my vocabulary.

I’m noting this now because I’m writing this post into my second glass of wine. Cheap wine. Really cheap airline wine.

I’m in-flight on my way back from Chicago. I just attended the HOW Design Live Conference for the first time. I was a newbie to this show so I really took advantage of this time to meet new people and put myself out there. Anyway, that’s not important (it’s the wine speaking… Or rambling).

The point of this post is to let my clients and fans know that I just had my creative world rocked. Really rocked. The conference of 2,500 creative professionals in one place for three days really made me flip my point of view and want to reevaluate what I’m doing creatively for you, my clients.

While I sort out my thoughts, I want to share with you my excitement. I have a ton of new people to collaborate and work with – bounce ideas and pass work. I also have a new found inspiration for pushing myself and taking on your projects with zest and, well, umph.

I love what I do. That’s no secret. I tell everyone. I do. And what I’m passionate about is branding – obviously. I re-evaluated my business about a year ago and swore that I would only take on projects that made me feel good and that tackled branding, and I’ve done that. And I’m going to continue that.

But I’m also going to start taking time to explore some new completely creative ways to get the long-dormant ideas out of my head. This includes starting some networking, begin painting again and re-decorating the walls in my office with cool shit (I apologize for the language but I learned this weekend that real people – especially the cool ones – curse in their blog posts).

I’m starting with a creative to-do list. I encourage others to start this with me. Every time we have a new idea, let’s add it to a list we keep and do it. Now, if you’re one of my clients, you are probably saying to yourself, “Jessica, we hire YOU to do our creative.” But the truth is that each time I work with a client, it’s a team effort and I depend on you to make a final product and I pull out some of your ideas – your creativity and passion about your business.

I’m going to start challenging my clients to be creative with me. Let’s think about how we can take your branding to a new level – together. All ideas on the table. Let ‘er loose.

I’m inspired. Be inspired with me.

Ching Ching (“cheers”)

P.S. Special shout out to my new design friends. Toronto, Boston, Chicago, Green Bay, Arizona, etc… You all know who you are.

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